Voices (A Poem)

They tell me what to do and I listen, Taking turns to impart their wisdom. Calculating, methodical, completely anachronical, Pushing me to color outside the lines, To embrace anarchy and rebel. Walking the halls of memory, I can hear them all clearly, The voices of those whom I lost, Jimminy Crickets, In my head, Pulling... Continue Reading →

Te voy a extrañar mano…

Este es el séptimo draft del blog post y todavía no doy con las palabras que le hacen justicia a lo que estoy sintiendo. Posponer mi angustia por el bien común es algo que me sale natural pero en este caso, me di cuenta rápidamente que tenía que seguir tu ejemplo y tirarme de pecho... Continue Reading →

I Was A Mom (Poem)

I was a mom once, A loving, nesting, pregnant mess of surreal possibilities, And my husband, a dad, that couldn't stop smiling. Glee poured out of his pores. We couldn't contain our happiness. For twelve weeks you brought us joy, The only kind a parent to be can feel. We were proud to call you... Continue Reading →

Babies, babies everywhere!

After a drought of wedding and baby announcements, life is back at it again. (I call it Wave 3.) With a wedding on Sunday July 3rd, one in December and another one in April/May and three pregnancy announcements, my social calendar is filling up with events and a bit of anxiety. However, unlike before, this... Continue Reading →

A Loss For Words

I wish I could say that I've missed you, That the days passed by without the thought of you, That no one has mentioned your name, Or asked me how you were doing. I wish I could say that I need you, Like the air I need to breath, But since I can't see you,... Continue Reading →

The Loss of Meaning

Ever wonder why there is so much miscommunication among peers? Aside from slang and the occasional acronym or new word meld, I have noticed that many of my friends get into arguments because they failed to grasp the meaning of a word in context. Blame the English language for using the same word to mean... Continue Reading →

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