F@%k Cancer, Part 8

I don't think people understand the severity of the situation, especially those who deal so closely with the soon to be dearly departed. The hospice care staff is out there enjoying the holiday using the implied excuse that "the patients will die anyway", falling short of the contract and expectations of care. This is one... Continue Reading →

Goodbye, My Friend…

It's hard to acknowledge you are gone. Another car accident claims the life of a good friend. Receiving the call about your precarious condition at the hospital had the medical engineer in me terrified because most people don't come back from DAI trauma. You were most likely unaware of what was happening in your induced... Continue Reading →

The Problem with Grief

Life plays out like a tragedy. In the end, we all die. The journey plays out like a novel, written by the hand of the indelible gods; the entropy of our lives resolved by eternal slumber. Those who remain alive, left behind by those they loved and have risen to the heavens, have to deal... Continue Reading →

Death Defines You

There are only two things in life that are certain, death and taxes. I've tried defining other certainties, aside from bodily functions, and this seems to be fairly accurate. Between all the baby announcements, weddings and birthdays, a few untimely and sudden deaths have sneaked their way into my life. After the dust settled and everyone... Continue Reading →

Responsibility v Love, Part 2

The original Responsibility v Love post got so much traction that I decided to write a follow-up piece. Disclaimer: Unless you have children, wards, a sick family member that you are taking care of or an agreement to make decisions on behalf of someone important and valuable to you, you are not responsible for those... Continue Reading →

Death and Taxes

The certainty of life fades, And I wonder what tomorrow might bring. Lying on the floor beaten and bloody, I can't imagine making it through the night. Everything in this existence comes at a cost, We pay in time, in honoraries and in tears, Taxes that we can't afford but we submit to anyways. The... Continue Reading →


The mastermind, The puppet master, The strategist and tactical analyst. Direct, succinct and to the point. Do not waste time and time does not waste thee. Clear, concise, precise, Always ready to execute. To me all men are the same, Dispensible, Unreliable, unrepentant and unrelenting. Hubris clouds their judgement, And greed fills their hearts. Not... Continue Reading →

The Death Of The Brick And Mortar Store?

Walmart, Macy's and Radio Shack suffered heavy profit loses in 2014 and 2015 forcing over 100 store closings each to brave the changing tide of the new retail economy. Articles suggest that customers are migrating to alternate means of product acquisition such as internet sales and cooperatives, procuring items directly from the source and cutting... Continue Reading →

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

In 2011, a good friend of mine recommended that I check out Randy's book. Without spoiling the contents, he encouraged me to think about the premise the author offered as the reason to call his creation The Last Lecture. Think about it for a second. How can someone be so certain they will have the... Continue Reading →

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