About The Blog

Tech geek.
DINK (Double Income, No Kids).
World traveler.
INTJ (introvert).
Pitbull owner/advocate.
Motherless daughter. 
Nerd whisperer.

That’s what MrsEnginerd is all about!

This labor of love started as a project to keep busy, and sane, during an impromptu layoff that took my career as an aerospace design engineer into a stall in 2015 (and definitely crashed it in 2020). Through the many posts, we set to document life as we know it, curating a cache of knowledge for those who unwittingly become agents of change; to provide guidance and wisdom for those interested in exploring the pursuits of nerds; for those coping with grief and loss; and especially for those who seek to understand the introverts in their lives.

Join us on Instagram, Goodreads, Facebook, PSN (formerly known as INME_VALKYRIE) and here on WordPress to help us succeed on our quest to make the internet a better/more informed place. To create a safe space for those who identify as nerdy or geeky. To experience poetry, travel, history and relationships through the lense of a female hispanic third gen college grad Army brat born in the 20th century.

Also, check out Zach’s (our adorabull doggo’s) Instagram @zachtheintroverteddog!


For additional information about the author, check out the post About MrsEnginerd.

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