I’m a nerd. Female. Married. Engineer. That’s why I came up with the MrsEnginerd tag.

Throughout my many academic and professional endeavors, I have grown to know, learn and love nerd and geek subculture. My travels around the world have enabled me to experience firsthand what it means to be a citizen of the world, nerd style.

I became a gamer at age 2, thanks to my uncle’s ATARI, and had a Tandy computer with Netscape service before most people knew what a PC was. I used a browser and DOS code to program before people even knew the internet existed. Look me up on the PSN under the codename INME_VALKYRIE. (I’m not an Xbox fan as I grew up with the Japanese consoles.)

I also have a library of over 500 books and have read close to 1,000 tomes throughout my academic and professional life. Needless to say, Belle is my second favorite Disney princess; my mom called me Sleeping Beauty because I could snooze under any noise level. I liked Aurora because she was the one with the more powerful kingdom, met the prince and fell for the man he was not knowing his title, and Philip fought a dragon to save her. I digress…

On March 2015 I became unemployed due to a workforce reduction. Even though there are jobs out there I decided to take a breather and try out new things. During that time, I started this blog with the hopes that my thoughts on layoff advice and life in general would serve to teach others about perseverance and nerdy pursuits. Now gainfully employed, I decided to continue to post snippets of life, love and the pursuit of nerds in the hope that in return I may learn a thing or two from you, my audience! 😀

Here’s my story…

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