About The Blog

Nerdy tech geek.



Double Income, No Kids or DINK.


World traveler.




INTJ (introvert).


Pitbull owner.


That’s what MrsEnginerd is all about!

This labor of love started as a project to keep me busy, and sane, during an impromptu layoff that took my career as an aerospace design engineer into a stall in 2015. Through the many posts, I set to document how to get over the ego blow of being jobless, and how to cope with loss and grief while providing recommendations and insights on the subjects listed above. The intent is to provide a cache or knowledge and advice for those seeking to become agents of social change; to provide guidancd and wisdom to those who are interested in the pursuits of nerd, especially for those who seek to understand the introverts and geeks in their lives.

Join us on Instagram, Goodreads, Facebook and here on WordPress to help us succeed on our quest to make the internet better, more informed, place. For my fellow gamers, I’m available on the PSN under the call sign INME_VALKYRIE.

For a more information about the author, check out the post About MrsEnginerd.

Here’s our story…

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