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About MrsEnginerd

When I started writing under the Mrsenginerd pseudonym I was in the middle of a career shift. My employer had done a reduction in workforce exercise that had left me jobless a month after my 10th anniversary with the company (The Layoff). As a married woman with no kids, there was a lot of free time on my hands, and from some folks and coworkers not a lot of sympathy. I read. I traveled. I took time off to heal from the ego blow of the pink slip; from finding myself children free in the middle of baby showers, weddings and funerals. Throughout my journey, I rediscovered my passion for power tools and the written word. My husband was surprised by my ability to quickly engage my engineering knowledge with the finesse of renovating both our home and my soul.

The end result became the blog you are reading today; a compilation of testimonials, DIY and recommendations based on my experiences and observations about interacting with introverts, being one, and documenting current events from the public’s perspective. As my husband points out, I read and I know things – intuition and academic backgrounds combining to gracefully prepare my peers for the uncertain future and its many outcomes. Like Randy Pausch, the content will serve as a last lecture for generations to come.

Project Zach, (@ZachtheIntrovertedDog on Instagram), a labor of love borne from the trials and tribualtions of training a reactive doggo overcome his fears, has enabled me to help a lot of people and their pets through Instagram and Facebook. We’ve been able to connect resources and families coping with legal problems, medical conditions and even homelessness. Daily, we post on social media about cases that need attention as well as provide moral and financial support to those in need. We laugh, we cry, we virtually hug one another. The exchanges have resulted in surprise gifts, new friendships and lots of success stories. There’s never a dull moment in this household.

Back in 2015 I didn’t have a dog, a job, and a clue of how much life would change in the next five years. I played my video games, listened to podcasts, discovered ways to crowdsource and crowdfund, and completed an MBA all in the search for the next big idea that would change things for the better. Truth be told I’m still searching for the fuel to my quelled passions in the hopes that I can build something better for those I love and support. My mom’s cancer diagnosis (F@%k Cancer) shifted my paradigms into a real of greater possibilities and fears/risks that need to me mitigated and explored. Travel, advice, women in gaming and beyond were a few of the new chapters inspired by my forced sabbatical from adulting. Most of my adventures are captured in the many sections of this webpage. My impulsive and obsessive personality subdued a bit to remain objective and pragmatic in a world full of chaos and inequality.

Settled in our new homestead, Château Enginerd, with Zach’s Field of Dreams installed – career back in full swing – I can’t thank you all enough for being a part of this endeavor and encouraging me to continue to share DIY, life, love and the pursuits of nerds. I hope is has brought you as much joy and wisdom as it has for me. The last five years out of the worst decade of my life – my 30s – have been both uplifting and challenging. There’s nowhere else to go but up from here!


Please share and continue to support the blog, its categories and the many stories and lessons shared on its posts. The best is yet to come!

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