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I feel him, In the darkness… A glimmer. Hope? Love? Lost or found? It sure feels like the end. It was foolish of me to claim his heart, Even after he claimed mine. Without love, what was given can never be returned. What was owed can never be repaid. Perhaps one day we’ll realize how […]

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The 9th House On The Right

There’s been one constant in my life; one undeniable and certain truth. Whenever I was feeling blue, happy or plain homesick there was one place in the world I could count on to remain the same: Grandma’s. It was 1960something… Layo and Delia settle on a one story, 1000 sq ft, cement and rebar beauty […]

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Fire Can Be Made to Rest

Writer’s block. Layoffs. Grief. Solace. Enlightenment. Failure. A pandemic… These are prime examples of opportunities to just be; to tame the passions that may drive us to wander carelessly in a world full of promise and uncertainty. More often than not the mind needs a break from our duties and daily machinations to see life […]

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The Simple Things

Alcapurrias. The dog snoring, cozied up to the newly remodeled fireplace. Home Depot… There are so many things to be grateful for, to celebrate, even after losing so much, so quickly. Up until now my mom’s death had sunk me into a deep and profound solitude from which very few people could rouse me. I […]

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This the Season…

Light strung palm trees. Warm embraces. Gifts stacked three rows deep under the Christmas tree. Pleneras playing in the background. Alcapurrias. Pasteles. Lechón a la varita. Trash cans full of ice cold beers. The children play with generic brand toys. The men play domino and swap old war stories. The women toil in the kitchen […]

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Sleepy, apprehensive, he lounges stretched out in a soft curve, Sticking out of the owly cover a pointy velvety antenna twitching softly, searching for imperceptible background noise. The body steady, relaxed, While the soul hastily chases squirrels, birds and the ever ubiquitous Jolly Ball. Paws crossed, eyes wide shut, Wheezing breaths rhythmically crescendo. *A loud […]

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I want the world to stop. To remain as she last saw it. To hover, unchanged, between what was and what could have been. I need back all those minutes with her, To enjoy the booming laughter; The lovely smile that always grew wider and brighter when I entered the room. A part of me […]

Adulting F@%k Cancer Mrs Enginerd

Mom, I still miss you…

It’s been two years without you and I can’t still believe you are gone, trapped between my intangible memories and the great beyond. Two years of wishing and hoping you’d come through the door and yell “surprise, I’m here!”, returning the color to my gray toned existence. An eternity of unwritten texts, calls and conversations […]

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Unrequited Sacrifices

Taking out the trash.Fighting inner demons.Folding laundry.Slaying online bosses.Humoring crazy in-laws.Buying the best pet food and treats.Ordering pizza sans your favorite toppings. There are so many things we reluctantly do, day in and day out, for those we love. Little things that take time and effort, and consume us to the point we forget we […]

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Happy 5th Anniversary, MrsEnginerd!

Time flies by so fast! I can’t believe we already have another year on the books, sharing knowledge about love, DIYs and the pursuits of nerds. I wish we could have celebrated in style, with our friends and family, but remaining safe during the pandemic is paramount. We shelter in place and find ways to […]