The Killing Season (A&E)

Eleven bodies were discovered in the Gilgo and Fire Beach areas of Long Island between December 2010 and May 2011. Four victims were found buried in burlap sacks, one was male and the rest were dismembered. Sadly one of the deceased was of a toddler which was determined to be related to one of the... Continue Reading →

I’m Here for The Groom (A Poem)

I'm here for the man who helped me with my thermodynamic's homework, For the dude that told my ex to back off when I left him for my now husband, For the Starcraft nerd that let me create a Space Marine fleet when the guys in the room doubted my "strategery". I'm here for the dude... Continue Reading →

Turning 30 is Tricky 

Lets face it, by the time you turn the big 3-0 people expect you to have your house decorated like a Pottery Barn catalogue instead of showcasing proudly all of your Voltron action figures and memorabilia. Over my dead nerdy body! It is as if by decree you must become a functioning adult who has... Continue Reading →

No One Is Immune To Divorce

One of my close friends, a divorcé himself, posted this Crackle article about cynical views of marriage. What struck me the most about the article was the claim they made that no one was immune to divorce. Very clever! The reality is some couples make it and some don't because of irreconcilable differences that arise from the... Continue Reading →

Fuller House (Netflix)

Nostalgia is a funny thing and depending on the generation, it actually serves as a cash cow. Netflix has managed to, yet again, find another reason to recruit subscribers by producing a series to continue or expand one of the 90s most beloved shows: Full House. As the first of the reunion shows, Fuller house... Continue Reading →

Earth One: Wonder Woman Vol. 1

Renowned comic book writers Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette created an alternate origin story for Diana, Princess of the Amazons as part of the Rebirth Earth One series cycle. Based on the reviews I was expecting something spectacular but it turns out it was more of the same: our protagonist learns about her birth and... Continue Reading →

Copperhead Vol.1 

In what can be taken as an homage to the legendary Charles Bronson, our main character Clara Bronson is a bad ass cop that finds a position of Sheriff at the mining town of Copperhead. Accompanied by her young son Zeke, she is starting over after being wrongfully accused and cleared of a murder she... Continue Reading →

Quantico (ABC)

A procedural with continuity, covert ops and lots of sexy attitude was ABC's response to the many cops and lawyers shows available in prime time circles. Taking the best from their hit Alias, the writers take us inside the USA's counter terrorism and surveillance agencies for the FBI and the CIA while adding drama, intrigue... Continue Reading →

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