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Skipping Meat for Two Weeks Challenge

First off this is not a real thing, I just made it up out of curiosity, outside of lent parameters, and in solidarity. Secondly, the intent of this challenge is not to go vegan or vegetarian cold turkey but to embrace said culinary options in lieu of meat to see how much better life can […]

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8 de marzo: Día internacional de la mujer

Muchos hombre han demostrado su indignación al escuchar que hay un día internacional de la mujer. ¿Por qué no hay un día para los hombres? Bromean dicen, pero es por su ignorancia sobre la historia de los derechos civiles de la mujer. No les basta con tomar nuestra palabra cuando decimos que la discriminación que […]

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Turning 30 is Tricky 

Lets face it, by the time you turn the big 3-0 people expect you to have your house decorated like a Pottery Barn catalogue instead of showcasing proudly all of your Voltron action figures and memorabilia. Over my dead nerdy body! It is as if by decree you must become a functioning adult who has […]

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The Pink Tax

One of my friends used this phrase recently and I was flabbergasted by its accuracy. The Pink Tax is a term she uses to describe how much more expensive and item was just because it was pink when compared to traditional kinder colors or boy standard toys. Although our family is a firm believer that […]

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La Junta de Control Fiscal en Facebook

En lo que sólo se puede atribuir a la creatividad Boricua, hay un espacio satírico en Facebook que se dedica a comunicarse como si fuese la susodicha Junta de Control Fiscal. Ya que la política Estado Unidense no es un circo, para nada, unos ciudadanos desconocidos decidieron capitalizar la ironía de la situación para informar al […]

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No One Is Immune To Divorce

One of my close friends, a divorcé himself, posted this Crackle article about cynical views of marriage. What struck me the most about the article was the claim they made that no one was immune to divorce. Very clever! The reality is some couples make it and some don’t because of irreconcilable differences that arise from the […]

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¡Feliz Navidad!

Feliz Navidad a los solteros, a los casados y/o con hijos, a los que estan enjevaos, y a los que están en la brega con los babies, fajaos en una casa de un solo proveedor. Agradezco el servicio de los militares en deployment, los profesionales médicos y de salud que están sanando corazones rotos esta […]

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10 Ways to Make Business With Friends and Family Work Out

One of the many reasons business partnerships fail is unmet expectations. Be it contractual obligations, delays or bad decision making, communicating what the needs, requirements and nice to haves are essential to ensuring success. A contract can be broken and money can disapear down black holes; litigation can end up giving you undesirable outcomes. As […]

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My Beef With “Pet Friendly” Hotels

You’d think that finding a pet friendly hotel would have been easy since it is a trending subject but after a thorough search of rooms near us, we found only one that really was all inclusive of pet breeds: La Quinta Inn. A few Best Westerns and one Extended Stay America were willing to take […]

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7 Years Ago…

It has been seven years already since the day I walked into the outpatient clinic at my local hospital for my dilation and curettage, commonly refered to as a D&C. A few days earlier our doctor had delivered the worst news we had ever received as newlyweds; I had miscarried. Known as a blighted ovum […]