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My Beef With “Pet Friendly” Hotels

You’d think that finding a pet friendly hotel would have been easy since it is a trending subject but after a thorough search of rooms near us, we found only one that really was all inclusive of pet breeds: La Quinta Inn. A few Best Westerns and one Extended Stay America were willing to take German Shepherd mixes and Pit/Lab mixes, as well as their full pedigree versions but it took some finagling to get them to agree.

What irked me is that the pet friendly policy was restrictive to a fault; it excludes anything over 36 lbs, most large breeds and pits, and even if there is no breed restrictions you can only have 2 dogs max. If you can board your dogs and/or afford a sitter this is no big deal but if you are moving or have a housing emergency it becomes a huge problem unless you have friends willing to put you up for a few nights or weeks. It took us days to find the perfect VRBO or AirBnB host and location, and in the end the pricing scared us away. When none of these alrernatives work you will have to get creative, like RV camp creative.

There is a need to create more pet friendly environments that set up both the owners and the hotels up for success. Insurance companies need to lighten up a bit and realize many of these large and pit bull mixes and breeds aren’t really a liability after all. Maybe, and this is an idea ripe for the taking, they should offer a pet travel and hotel room policy that can be purchased with your stay. I’d pay for everyone’s peace of mind. You can also add kennels to the list of items people can borrow or rent for a fee. Hmm…maybe I need to develop this concept. I know it will sell.

In the meantime hotels, please list the complete pet policy restrictions on your website and/or add it to the travel booking site descriptions. It took me about an hour of holding and calling front desks to get the true meaning of pet friendly out of y’all and it was heart breaking and disappointing! I’m here trying to move and it was harder to find a place for my sister’s non PTSD, house trained canines because even the boarding places share the same restrictions!! I mean come on people…

Before you travel make sure the pet friendly hotel is really pet friendly. You’d be surprised how quickly a comfy family stay can turn into a nightmare if you are mislead by the pet friendly label. It applies to AirBnB and VRBO too.

Travel and move wisely.

By MrsEnginerd

Engineer, DIY enthusiast, world traveler, avid reader, pitbull owner, and nerd whisperer. 😎🤓😘🐶

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