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The Beauty of Our Scars

I’ve never played Bocce Ball. Ever. Watching people try to knock a ball closer to the pallina, or away, to force your opponent’s hand to make a point never moved me to participate. W and the rest of my guy friends love hearing the satisfying clack clack of hitting the target, the shift of the […]

Love and Marriage Mrs Enginerd Poetry

The Music in Your Scars

Words, lovely melody, pouring from your broken heart, Rising and lowering in pitch, perfectly tuned, as you walk the halls of a world uncertain. Lightning crashes, and the beat turns tempestuous, violent, unnerving, Yet the song never wavers. The vocals add a touch of gravity to match the situation. Shakily, steadily, emotionally gripping notes sour, […]

Mrs Enginerd Poetry

Lean Into the Pain

Lean into the pain. Feel it, embrace it. Let it gently caress your soul and guide the tears down your cheeks, Washing away all that does not serve you anymore, or maybe, just maybe, Washing memories clean so you can purely enjoy their true splendor. Dismay, sigh, walk in the rain and vent. Let your […]

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7 Years Ago…

It has been seven years already since the day I walked into the outpatient clinic at my local hospital for my dilation and curettage, commonly refered to as a D&C. A few days earlier our doctor had delivered the worst news we had ever received as newlyweds; I had miscarried. Known as a blighted ovum […]