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Skipping Meat for Two Weeks Challenge

First off this is not a real thing, I just made it up out of curiosity, outside of lent parameters, and in solidarity. Secondly, the intent of this challenge is not to go vegan or vegetarian cold turkey but to embrace said culinary options in lieu of meat to see how much better life can be. Detox diets being what they are, half gimmick half scientific, can’t be always trusted so I made up my own cooky idea to test. To me this is something meaningful and easy. Although meat is everywhere, out in the PNW it is easy to get non meat options everywhere so it is reasonable and convinient for me to swear it off for two weeks. This is not an attempt to go on a plant based diet full time either since eggs and cheese are not out of the equation,  and never will be for me. I’ll go back to eating meat on occasion after the trial period, and by meat I mean fish, pork, fish and steak. This new lifestyle change brings with it benefits that would be too hard to pass up. Hopefully I’ll last the two weeks…

Why do this now? My friend JP turned vegan due to ethical and personal choices. Her quest is a noble one so I decided to try it out and will, from now on, only eat vegan when she is around. It is a small price to pay for her friendship especially since in many respects her approach is the correct one. The amount of green house emisons, water and resources used to raise cattle, farm fish, pork and chicken, is insane! Our planet would be so much better off if we changed the way the animals are raised and slaughtered. Until we get there as a society all we can do is affect change at a personal level. This is her revolution and as an ally, I will do what I can to keep it going.

My Dr P, bestie extraordinaire, also suggested I try this out and my BFF went vegan decades ago but it didn’t interest me until three days ago. Consider reducing meat consumption. You’d be surprised how much more good it will do to you. Also cutting salts, fat and sugar is recommended. I can’t just eat salad and 1,000 calorie dressing and claim victory wither. 😉

Let’s see how this goes…

By MrsEnginerd

Engineer, DIY enthusiast, world traveler, avid reader, pitbull owner, and nerd whisperer. 😎🤓😘🐶

2 replies on “Skipping Meat for Two Weeks Challenge”

I think this is great! I’m glad to see I can inspire an open mind. Good luck these two week! Let me know if you need any tips. I realized there is a whole lot more information out there than one may think at first. Lots of great recipes in Pinterest and even YouTube videos. I have the Mayim Bialik’s vegan cookbook which has an amazing potato salad recipe (better than the puertorican one, true story) if you are interested. Remeber to enjoy veggies, we normally see them as the stinky friend on the table but often they are really good once we give them a chance. And the paladar can be trained, this is important to know when doing a challenge like this as adults.


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