Skipping Meat Challenge: Lessons Learned

After six weeks of switching out meat for healthier options, I reintegrated meat back into every meal. The results were good at first but after day three, I could tell the "meat once a day" rule had its value and benefits. Some of the pounds were coming back, which was not a welcomed change, and... Continue Reading →

Skipping Meat Challenge: Week 3

For the first part of week 3, I started to eat meat at least once a day only.  This step made it easier to figure out which plates would be good candidates to substitute for vegan or vegetarian "meats" and products. Anything pre-processed or frozen has lots of added salt so the benefit of just... Continue Reading →

Skipping Meat Challenge: Week 2

It took me a while to get to this post because of my birthday celebrations. The new house hasn't been fully unpacked either and I owed my husband a fully functional master closet and pantry. (More on that on future DIY posts.) Add to all this the need to validate a few of my observations... Continue Reading →

Skipping Meat for Two Weeks Challenge

First off this is not a real thing, I just made it up out of curiosity, outside of lent parameters, and in solidarity. Secondly, the intent of this challenge is not to go vegan or vegetarian cold turkey but to embrace said culinary options in lieu of meat to see how much better life can... Continue Reading →

The Zach Diaries: 11 mos Update

Zach has been with us for eleven months now. Wow! Time flew by so fast. 😀 He has been the best decision we have ever made work after getting married. It hasn't been all bubbles and rainbows but we enjoy it to the fullest even when sleep is being interrupted. We don't know why he... Continue Reading →

Zach and the Big C

A few weeks ago Rescue Pup revealed to Zach's followers that one of his tests came back as inconclusive for malignant mast cell tumor cancer.  This means that a biopsy must be performed to validate if in fact it is MCT and how severe his condition may be. While we all decide how to proceed... Continue Reading →

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