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The Zach Diaries: 11 mos Update

Zach has been with us for eleven months now. Wow! Time flew by so fast. 😀 He has been the best decision we have ever made work after getting married. It hasn’t been all bubbles and rainbows but we enjoy it to the fullest even when sleep is being interrupted. We don’t know why he may be failing to stay asleep at night or to enjoy his time without us. 😦 Since his mast cell tumor diagnosis remains unresolved, a mystery to all of us because we don’t feel that putting our puppy through a biopsy will be beneficial for his psyche, we can’t really assume he is in pain or uncomfortable. The tumor hasn’t gotten any bigger and he sleeps well during the day with almost no nightmares! I’m happy to report that he is responding well to his over the counter histamine reduction medication and low sugar, low carb diet. Paws crossed he lasts us all an entire pit bull mix lifetime (10+ years) and that the tumor doesn’t grow or spreads.

Jolly Ball time!

While here with us he has truly gained a lot of confidence and even learned new tricks! He gives out his paw on command, lies on his side for cuddles and knows when to get off and when to lie down when he is on top of you. Every so often he bring us his ball and if we ask for the tug rope he brings it! Gotta admit he is super smart and picks things up fast even when we don’t try to train him. Many of the exchanges we have with him in Spanish do yield results too. I think he is fluent in English, Spanish and dog. XD

The last of his shenanigans was to breach a barricade we had set up to avoid the muddy part of our side yard.

The Barricade
The muddy mud-skipper

Without missing a beat he fit through a hole and played, crying for help to get back to the backyard and eventually to his water and food bowl. He has always feared small or enclosed spaces and curtains; now he moves through these barriers without hesitation. I can’t describe the pride we felt when he dared to do the things we never thought possible.


Although we can’t really promise to not have children to keep our boy forever, we will continue to foster, host and love him indefinitely until it is time to seriously consider other alternatives. If we confirm suburban life is not for him, Rescue Pup will help him find a more rural environment. We are all vested in his success especially his financial supporters and volunteer corp. I can’t thank them enough for having furthered his training and diagnosis. We are better equipped to give him the life he deserves because of this. Here’s to many more adventures.

Love you Zackapoo!

By MrsEnginerd

Engineer, DIY enthusiast, world traveler, avid reader, pitbull owner, and nerd whisperer. 😎🤓😘🐶

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