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Yes bro, I am Still Playing Pokémon Go!

Okay so the game is not as exciting as it once was and on top of that the updates aren’t really giving me better pokémon options, so it hasn’t really been an improvement for the gameplay on my end. I am stuck at level 20 with a dwindling base of friends that hunt these creatures everyday. It is a bit lame to admit that I still have some love for the app even when it isn’t yielding a satisfactory experience.

Maybe it was the notion that it made me cool with the 6 to 12 year old crowd, a group that has a special place in my heart since my nephews and nieces are in that age range. There is nothing more annoying yet endearing than a kid asking you to borrow your phone to catch a few monsters on your behalf. For them, a level 20 Trainer is as close as they will get to meeting a god. LOL I adore the look on their faces when they go through my collection and beg me to trade them a few specimens. If only at the time that had been allowed! 😦

Let’s see if the game makes it to the holidays and regains momentum. Heard gen 2 was out there now and I still don’t have a charmander…

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