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Skipping Meat Challenge: Lessons Learned

After six weeks of switching out meat for healthier options, I reintegrated meat back into every meal. The results were good at first but after day three, I could tell the “meat once a day” rule had its value and benefits. Some of the pounds were coming back, which was not a welcomed change, and I seemed to be hungry all the time. The pseudo ovo/lacto vegetarian diet was working out a lot better than anticipated as it gave me way more energy and less lethargic moments after mealtime. I kept falling asleep after super/dinner which solidified my suspicions that eating hamburgers and fries wasn’t going to satisfy me as they once did, causing more problems than they were worth.

Overall, I learned that I wasn’t consuming enough caffeine or good sugars which meant my metabolism was slow and overwhelmed. Cutting carbs helped only when the rest of th nutrients were up to standards, so be careful on how you do so or you’ll end up binging on chips and breads. The body definitely tells you what it needs and wants so pay attention to the cravings and drink lots of water. Most of my failures were due to the fact that my body needed water not food to be satiated. Adding exercise is another key element to feeling powerful under this diet and I got a lot of it while unpacking the move. Now, I need a new excuse to be less of a couch potato especially on rainy days…

We’ll see how I get this ship back on track. Considering Blue Apron has vegetarian offerings, I have no excuses. 🙂

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