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Why I am Skipping Season 7 of Game of Thrones (GoT)

I’m not watching this upcoming season of GoT. HBO can take my money subscription wise but that will not sway me. (There are many shows in their lineup that deserve more of my time anyway, like Westworld.) For the first couple of seasons, clutching the books and waiting to see my unsuspecting friends’ reactions kept me coming back for more. Now that it is all officially off book and off the rails, the joy and excitement of drinking and knowing things has expired. Being an ignorant viewer in the crowd seems dirty and unholy somehow.

The series has had a good run and seriously doesn’t need to be tainted by attempts to garner ratings and break records. My sincere hope is that my friend George doesn’t give it all away to please the viewing masses. Long gone are the days of being the only one that knew Jon was of royal and true Stark descent. I miss having that edge to tie in what I was seeing with what I had felt or read. Being immersed in the subject with all of my senses working together, exercising my mind, added meaning to watching this epic unfold. Now, it is all merchandising plots and revenue strategies to me. *Sigh*

Watch out for fan fiction and posters like the one below. I don’t think anything they can come up with will beat anything I have surmised. Gotta admit this poster rocks one of my theories. Glad to know other nerds are out there expecting great things from this season and the books. My enthusiasm ran out so it is up to them to carry the banners to war.


Season 7, the final chapter, will be a reduced episode run with longer run times. We’ll see how the pushback release date of July 16, from the regular April debut, helps or hinders viewership. You’ll find me outside enjoying the sunlight most likely. Winter was here but summer is coming…

Stay tuned.

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