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Skipping Meat Challenge: Week 3

For the first part of week 3, I started to eat meat at least once a day only.  This step made it easier to figure out which plates would be good candidates to substitute for vegan or vegetarian “meats” and products. Anything pre-processed or frozen has lots of added salt so the benefit of just switching or cutting meat wasn’t getting me better numbers nutritional fact wise. The same thing happened with fats and sugars; there was no escaping them unless I grew my own food or only used farm fresh vegetables.

One extremely delicious substitute I discovered during the diet changes were the veggie burgers made our of beans. Even places like Grindhouse in Atlanta and Red Robin serve meat patty substitutes based on beans. I remember liking Fudrucker’s portabella “meat” burger which is still one of my favorite go to’s when substituting meat in a burger. This BBQ season will be very interesting. Oddly, tofu and onions give me horrible allergic/food intolerance reactions so I have to ve wary when ordering premade salads or asking for everything on top of a sub. Wasn’t expecting veggies to be the cause of my sinus attacks and/or skin rashes. Glad I was able to learn this soone4 rather than later.

We’ll see how it goes. The weight loss stalled a bit but I also started to eat take out again, aka Wendy’s, so the calorie count was higher. Moving boxes and settling into the house have had me exercising tons but not enough to counter the total effect. Plant based is definitely the way to go but, if you can’t commit, having some meat is not bad as long as you keep the portions small.

Bon appetit!

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4 replies on “Skipping Meat Challenge: Week 3”

So far I haven’t had issues but I didn’t stop consuming animal products either so it is a wash.

You are correct, the supplements are expensive. My culture eats a lot of beans with spices so that gets many vegans back home over the hump.


I really want to become vegan as well but here in sweden it’s so expensive. Like a quorn product costs twice as much as chicken. I’d pay twice but the problem is I need to eat much more quorn to reach my protein intake. So my expenses would be 4x more.


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