Adulting MBA Chronicles: Class of 2019 Mrs Enginerd

“Was the MBA Worth It?”

No. Nein. Nee. Não. Non. Niet. Nil. Nah. It was definitely NOT worth it. The group work. The sleepless nights. The tests and point grabs. The neverending facepalms when someone had no clue about foreign politics or the subject matter. We were all guilty of a faux pas, especially the impatient know it alls in […]

Château Enginerd DIY Mrs Enginerd

DIY Industrial Look Toilet Paper Holders

After scouring the internet for ideas, I settled on a one roll and a two roll solution for our guest and master bathroom, respectively. The designs called out 3/4″ black pipe but we realized the cheaper 1/2″ works well too. However, the real cost differential lies in the galvanized pipe amd fittings vs the common […]

Adulting Mrs Enginerd

Skipping Meat Challenge: Week 3

For the first part of week 3, I started to eat meat at least once a day only.  This step made it easier to figure out which plates would be good candidates to substitute for vegan or vegetarian “meats” and products. Anything pre-processed or frozen has lots of added salt so the benefit of just […]

Etiquette Mrs Enginerd

Education is Free. A Diploma, Not So Much!

This is an editorial, an opinion. If you feel my words are out of line please remember that I did things on my own too, and that my efforts mattered even if you want to dismiss them due to your perception of my privilege. Sacrifice is called sacrifice for a reason; it is not meant […]