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Star (Fox)

It has been a while since I have seen a TV series with such rich character and emotion. Star, named after the maim character, showcases the rise of a girl group in the Atlanta R&B scene. Without pulling any punches, the Lee Daniel’s produced and Empire inspired series uses real life situations, adult language and violence to portray the street and urban life. For example, one of the girls suffered sexual and emotional abuse by her foster parents after being placed in the system due to her mother’s overdose. It’s definitely a mature audience, viewer discretion adviced drama. The script is as real as you can get inside a censored media but it gets the point across without being gratuitous with the sex and abuse. Real hardcore stuff in a very ambitious 60 minute format.

With the recent Fall renewal/cancellation announcements I fear this show may not make it but, the first season is a must see regardless of the outcome. The drama is raw, the music is amazing, and the finale was full of so many twists that you can’t escape the art imitating life feel of the screenplay. You end up empathazing with the characters in ways that are hard to describe as you become immersed in their pain and struggles to find themselves and their 15 minutes of fame. There are LGBTQIA, racism, police violence, family unity and social injustice storylines worthy of awards and further study. I was amazed at how fast a freshman TV show can turn around and address breaking news and its repercussions.


Queen Latifa and Benjamin Bratt are flawless as the mentors and adults in the room. Their performances alone are worth your time. Watch On Demand or on Fox once Season 2 is announced.

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