LA to Vegas (Fox)

The first time I saw this show it reminded me of Airline, the TV reality series from A&E about Southwest Airlines, but instead of the drama of unruly passengers, Jackpot Airlines handles the ups and downs of air travel by mailing it in. A parody of an industry that relies on customer service but really... Continue Reading →

The Orville (Fox)

This year's San Diego Comic Con was full of marketing and activities to promote Seth MacFarlane's new project, a parody of Star Trek called The Orville. Based on a universe where various planets have formed the Union, Captain Ed Mercer (Seth) is assigned to complete space exploration missions alongside his crew, composed of many alien... Continue Reading →

Shots Fired (Fox)

A cop pulls over a white college student who was looking for fried chicken in the wrong side of town. In the exchange, shots are fired, but we are not shown who the shooter is. Deputy Beck is the most likely culprit and he happens to be the only black cop in the Gate Station... Continue Reading →

Star (Fox)

It has been a while since I have seen a TV series with such rich character and emotion. Star, named after the maim character, showcases the rise of a girl group in the Atlanta R&B scene. Without pulling any punches, the Lee Daniel's produced and Empire inspired series uses real life situations, adult language and violence... Continue Reading →

Pitch (2016, Fox)

A while back I wrote an article about how women can play sports just as well as men. Many articles speculated that Melissa Mayeux was positioned to grace the MLB circuit, possibly the first female to do so if the cards willed it. To visualize how this could play out the brilliant minds at Fox... Continue Reading →

Gotham (Fox)

Fox was given the opportunity to present and alternate origin story for Batman, The Caped Crusader, that used elements of the DC comic book franchise to expand the range and influence of its top supporting characters. Devoid of the burden of showing Batman and the Joker as adult enemies, the series cast Ben McKenzie (The... Continue Reading →

The New X-Files

When they announced a limited episode production of The X-Files people lost their minds. Was it going to feature the original cast? Yes. Why so short a run? Because it is for show. Fox isn't planning to resurrect the franchise, and the opportunity to do a wink wink to fans who felt unsatisfied by the... Continue Reading →

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