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Happy Galentine’s Day!

Need an alternative to the dreaded flower and chocolate, anxiety riddled, reservation nightmare, Valentine’s Day? Then look no further! Thanks to Leslie Knope of Park and Recreation sitcom fame, we can look at every February 13th for a welcomed respite from all things that inspire fake or commercialized romance. It’s become such a powerful holiday […]

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John Wick Chapter 2 Delivers

Usually I review a movie and give some highlights but John Wick 2 deserves no spoilers. It is an action packed karate chopping blood everywhere revenge story with so many twists you get out of that movie theater wanting to do it all over again. Italian suits, gorgeously designed deadly weapons and a beautifully tragic […]

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MrsEnginerd’s Valentine’s Day Weekend

Ok, I do have a beef with Valentine’s Day  and as you read, my issue is with the hypocrisy of the event, from the marketing and sales perspective. Instead of shaming Mr Enginerd into buying me flowers, chocolates, jewelry and a nice dinner date, we do our taxes and take time off from work to […]

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Deadpool, The Perfect Valentine’s Day Movie

Ask anyone who has gone to see the movie and they will confirm that Mr Pool is your perfect Valentine’s Day hero. He is dressed in red, has a heart of gold, and a charming personality with a killer sense of humor. It doesn’t hurt that the handsome and down to earth Ryan Reynolds was […]

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My Beef With Valentine’s Day!

Although it wasn’t my intention, it seems “My Beef With…” series is going to become a thing so please bear with me as I recount the experiences and musings that led me to abhor Valentine’s Day. Hallmark and the chocolate manufacturers are blamed for the creation of an unofficial national holiday in which friends and […]