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John Wick Chapter 2 Delivers

Usually I review a movie and give some highlights but John Wick 2 deserves no spoilers. It is an action packed karate chopping blood everywhere revenge story with so many twists you get out of that movie theater wanting to do it all over again. Italian suits, gorgeously designed deadly weapons and a beautifully tragic background love story make Chapter 2 an excellent Valentine’s Day date for those whose love is based on comic books and hero movies. The narrative gives you a look into what Chapter 3 may look like and it is promising. Wow. Best. Action. Movie. Ever.

Copyright Lionsgate

Keanu Reeves shines as the world’s most badass 52 year old. The stunts are all performed by him in that Neo meets Assasins vibe making him cooler than Tom Cruise’s Jack Reacher. The hot vintage Mustang alone is reason enough to fall in love with Johnathan. Sexy beast. The cute pitbull dog is a nice addition to the movie’s pace since it grounds all the action around the value of loyalty, which is the basis of Wick’s relationships. If nothing this man is true to his word, a double edge bond that can cost him dearly when given to the wrong people. There’s something that makes you want John to beat all odds no matter how great they may seem. True Grit. The dude is the Punisher on steroids. So much yes with this one.

Lionsgate has a promo with Regal Cinemas that will earn you points and goodies if you see 4 of their upcoming films: John Wick Chapter 2, Power Rangers, Rock Dog and The Shack. Extra points and rewards are offered as well. Awesome!

Enjoy 🙂

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