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Deadpool, The Perfect Valentine’s Day Movie

Ask anyone who has gone to see the movie and they will confirm that Mr Pool is your perfect Valentine’s Day hero. He is dressed in red, has a heart of gold, and a charming personality with a killer sense of humor. It doesn’t hurt that the handsome and down to earth Ryan Reynolds was cast oppposite the lovely and drop dead gorgeous Morena Baccarin. What else can you ask for?

The son of Regina, rhymes with fun, Saskatchewan uses all of the 1 hr and 48 mins of run time to explain his origin story. Created by Marvel as a counterpart/satire of DC’s Deathstroke, he is the anti-superhero/unstoppable mercenary with street cred and karate chops. The comic became infamous for the salty language, adult situations, violence and gore but most importantly because Deadpool talks to his audience and lets them in on his escapades. He breaks the ever present 4th wall or the plane from which you are looking into the story. Once you get to know him, it is hard not to fall in love with Wade Wilson, vigilante and adorkable screw up.

In between the exchanges of wits, sarcasm and passionate sex overtures, the movie acts as a satire of the quintessential chick flick. There is romance, grand gestures, funny sidekicks and goofy hijinks that make you wonder if the gorgeous, yet f’d up, couple will be able to reunite and have a well deserved happily ever after. (After all we are talking about a character owned in copyright by Disney and licensed to 20th Century Fox for content creation and distribution.) The screenplay is, for lack of better terms, beautifully written and executed. Flawless!

Copyright of 20th Century Fox

From the credits to the post movie cut scenes, Ryan Reynolds shines brightly to the point you start to wonder if he was made by the gods to become Deadpool. It is his brilliant delivery of jokes and profound commentary that makes the movie such a wonderful experience. Everyone in that movie was cast perfectly. I was completely engrossed by the storytelling and CGI. Every frame of the movie is value added and not once I found myself criticizing plot choices or character development. Another hit out of the ballpark for my Marvel frenemies.

Of all the Marvel Universe heroes, Deadpool is definitely my favorite. The dude is justifiably batshit crazy. Even the video games are worth the price of admission just to hear him jib and jabber. Pure gold! He is the class clown, the eloquent comic, who makes fun of the obvious and takes you to a place where you can safely let go of your inhibitions. Mr. Pool takes care of his peeps in ways no other superhero could; with sincerity and a low tolerance for BS. He even explains why the movie is appropriately considered a love story and asks the ladies to stick around and give him and their dates a chance to enjoy the ride. I’d take this over The Notebook any day.

If nothing said above convinces you, check out the reviews in Rotten Tomatoes.  Deadpool holds a solid 80% fresh rating because the critics couldn’t truly find anything wrong with the highest grossing R movie on opening day, of all time. (Click here for source and record numbers.). I even saw parents sneaking in with their children because they couldn’t pass out on this guilty pleasure.

Cue the 80s and 90s music and pop culture references. Enjoy!

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