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Happy Galentine’s Day!

Need an alternative to the dreaded flower and chocolate, anxiety riddled, reservation nightmare, Valentine’s Day? Then look no further! Thanks to Leslie Knope of Park and Recreation sitcom fame, we can look at every February 13th for a welcomed respite from all things that inspire fake or commercialized romance. It’s become such a powerful holiday that even Merriam Webster embraced the fad as one of their words to watch.

I’ve often talked about my displeasure with the romantization of friendship and the problems with dedicating one day to making up for isolating or allianating people the rest of the year BUT Galentine’s Day is something I can get behind BECAUSE the goal is to skip the gift giving, debt inducing, stressful planning associated with bad dates and even worse break ups. Humans are excellent at remembering the negative experiences in an effort to improve or eliminate the discomfort they produce but they totally suck at celebrating the best of times.

Galentine’s Day is an attempt at recapturing the magic behind being loved and giving love in return. It’s not about spending money in an effort to get back into someone’s good graces or to show off to the Joneses; it’s about taking a moment to be grateful for the support, wisdom and encouragement only true friends can bestow upon each other. I make a point to let those who are important to me that they matter, and that they are deserving of happiness and success every opportunity I get, overcoming insecurities and rejection to ensure there’s zero chance of regret. Life is too long to carry what ifs around in your emotional baggage!

Use this Galentine’s and Valentine’s Days as an opportunity to spend time with those you treasure most. Virtually or in person, the thought behind your actions, and your intent is what truly matters. Say what you need to say. Do what you must to show others how much you care. Grab your family and friends and take them bowling, out to brunch, to a movie at the park, or a picnic; stay home and cuddle under the blankets with some hot chocolate; try a DIY bar or painting place…

Find joy in the people that surround you, in the little things that make life grand. Do your best to stay kind and compassionate in these uncertain and cruel times, especially when overcoming adversity. Reclaim the beauty of the holiday by purge the elements that do not serve you and starting your own traditions. Empower yourself and those around you to create a better reality. The rest will manifest itself!



By MrsEnginerd

Engineer, DIY enthusiast, world traveler, avid reader, pitbull owner, and nerd whisperer. 😎🤓😘🐶

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