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Bob’s Burgers (Fox)

Set in a fictional coastal town reminiscent of Long Island or the Jersey shore, Bob’s Burgers 🍔 recounts the story of the Belcher family, proud owners of a quaint burger joint in the city’s Ocean Avenue. Aggravated by bad luck, unsuccessful business ideas, an impulsive wife and his three kid’s wild adventures, Bob does everything he can to provide a bright future for his clan. In a way, he reminds me of Red Forman (That’s 70s Show) and all the traditional sitcom fathers whose only desire is to live a less miserable existence while practicing their craft or profession in peace.

The episodes themselves are a mix of dark comedy, satire and social commentary that heavily relies on metas (references to other shows and/or work of the voice actors) to get their point across. One doesn’t necessarily need to have a vast knowledge of pop culture to enjoy the standalone content but it definitely enhances the experience; the burger of the day, next door business name and exterminator van puns are guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. The supporting characters and guest starts are designed to further the story lines organically, similarly to The Simpsons, complimenting the comedic timing and charm of the main voice actors. You can’t help but laugh at this family’s (and small town) antics!

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The main characters are endearing, unique, and multidimensional, drawing from each other’s comedic timing and story development to further the narrative. It’s entertaining, educational and sardonic without being ornery or off-putting. Tina’s love for butts, Gene’s non sequiturs, and Louise’s diabolical plans are central to the plot development and are used in a way that never gets old. Linda’s over the top reactions and effervescence makes her the perfect mom, in more ways than possibly imaginable. Special appearances by Uncle Teddy (Larry Murphy), Aunt Gayle (voiced by the multi-talented Megan Mullaly) and Kevin Kline as landlord and millionaire tycoon Mr. Fishoeder round up the chaos in Bob’s life. There is never a dull moment for this animated family!

Tina (Dan Mintz), Linda (John Roberts), Bob (H. John Benjamin), Gene (Eugene Mirman) and Louise (Kristen Schaal) Belcher.

My favorite part of the show is the end credit sequences which are in and of themselves unique animated shorts worth watching. Featuring original music, including adaptations or Weird Al like covers/remakes by renowned artists like Fiona Apple and Cindy Lauper (The Belchies), the characters dance and sing while emulating elements of the current episode in an all new sequence. It’s aloof, fun, and brilliant! A very satisfyingly smart contribution to the genre and the viewer experience, and a tip of the hat to instantly gratifying fan service.

Watch Season 10 of Bob’s Burgers on FOX, and the rest of the episode catalog on Hulu or your cable/satellite company’s On Demand feature.

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