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Zach and the Big C

A few weeks ago Rescue Pup revealed to Zach’s followers that one of his tests came back as inconclusive for malignant mast cell tumor cancer.  This means that a biopsy must be performed to validate if in fact it is MCT and how severe his condition may be. While we all decide how to proceed with surgery, plan our move to the new house and have a recovery plan, we tool steps to enhance his chances of survival, if the diagnosis comes to be cancer. For over a month now we have changed his diet to home-cooked low carb/low salt meals as a way to start mitigating possible allergies and symptoms, and he seems to enjoy his chicken and veggie plates a lot more than the kibble. My husband says he eats better than us and than most humans. I agree. He he

Zach’s diet consists of 3 lbs of food split as 75% protein and 25% veggies. On top of that we give him peanut butter snacks throughout the day and  add a 1/2 cup of either brown rice or oatmeal to his meals. Sometimes we give him the 1/2 cup of carbs with a 1/2 cup of cottage cheese and a 1/2 teaspoon of golden paste (tumeric and coconut oil). With this simple crock pot, slow cooked, diet he has maintained his weight (he lost a bit at the beginning and we are trying to fatten him up) and his energy level.

Treat wise, The Dog Cancer Diet and the research we have done has led us to select freeze dried foods, 100% meat 0 processed all natural meat treats and coconut/peanut butter/oatmeal bake and no bake cookies. He gobbles these up as well. I mix in blackberries and strawberries into the mix so he gets the extra antioxidants. We stay clear of carrots and most mushrooms except shiitake, which are good for inflammation and his particular histamine related condition. Reducing the allergens in his food has worked wonders. He even poops less because his body uses most of the nutrients! At some point we will puree the veggies for him. Dogs like baby food more than the traditional crunchy or semi crunchy textures. Nothing a food processor can’t handle.

Note: Check out Pinterest for the golden paste, treats and cook book recipies. Each dog is different and there’s enough info to go around. Make sure you add digestive enzymes or multi vitamin supplements to the food so they get all the nutrients they need. GNC has a good product line available also at PetSmart. Weigh the food and make sure they at least eat 4 to 6% of their body weight. There are a few calculators out there to help you figure out the lbs based on caloric intake and lifestyle. Once you figure it out, it is smooth sailing from there. 

Zach is currently taking Benadryl and Pepcid with his meals, and a Prozac in the morning as an extra. He seems to be in high spirits and only sleeps when his belly is full. He’s up to 6 hrs at night now. Yay! The fans and cool air help him calm down and feel more comfortable. Running hot is one of the indicators he may be fighting the tumors on his own. Hopefully his inmune system isn’t heavily compromised so he can have a long and healthy life, cancer or no cancer. (The diet buys him time either way. It’s way better than processed food.)

Paws and fingers crossed!

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