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Hold My Beer, I Need To Train My Light Switch

My friend E helped my husband change the regular light swith inside our coat closet for a Lutron motion sensing model. By not needing to stick my hand inside the closet to turn the light on and off. The switch isn’t in the best location for easy access and neither are those in the master bedroom and closet. (Your time will come little switches, buahahaha.) To our suprise, the instructions claimed that after installing the switch you could teach it to time itself to turn on and off by itself even faster! This means it will remeber how quickly you tap the on switch after walking into the room and will program itself with you preference so you won’t have to tap it on. Wow!

I proceeded to train it so it would come on after opening the door. You hit the switch on, wait for it to turn itself off and repeat. After 5 tries it got the timing perfectly. We now have successfully trained our light switch to do our bidding. Woop woop!

If you purchase one of these bad boys make sure you program it per the instructions before you install the cover plate. You can find them almost everywhere and they fit standard outlet covers, with no need for a neutral wire or wi-fi access. Upgrading to the motion sensing version or to an automatic dimmer is an easy step to automate your home and save cash without having to operate an app or hook it up to wi-fi.


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