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Hold My Beer, I Need To Train My Light Switch

My friend E helped my husband change the regular light swith inside our coat closet for a Lutron motion sensing model. By not needing to stick my hand inside the closet to turn the light on and off. The switch isn’t in the best location for easy access and neither are those in the master […]

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5 Quick Remodeling Ideas To Boost Your Home’s Appeal

For the last year and a few months, the Enginerds have been landlords. Because we love our tenants, my sister and her dogs, and can’t really move them out for extended periods of time, we needed cheap and quick upgrade ideas to work on the house and get rid of the early 2000s vibe it […]

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Smart Security Systems for the 21rst Century Home

After 10 years with ADT, well we started with Brinks anyway, and Comcast we wanted an opportunity to break free and start over. Automating a home is never an easy task but we are willing to undertake this challenge in the name of safety. Between wanting to monitor our dog during the day and not […]