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Explosions? (Formerly known as My beef with Samsung)

We made the decision to buy many of the home appliance Samsung products available because the brand was up and coming, had cool gadgets and add ons, and was reasonably priced at our local Home Depot and Costco. Although there had been incidents of equipment malfunctions and recalls the deals were too good to pass […]

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Dear Samsung Appliances Division,

When the fridge arrived with a dented door we didn’t think much of it. The tech graciously ordered a new door, one we have yet to receive and hear about, but that we know has been ordered. For a 4,000 USD product, the shipping should have been so stellar that this would have not happened. […]

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Smart Security Systems for the 21rst Century Home

After 10 years with ADT, well we started with Brinks anyway, and Comcast we wanted an opportunity to break free and start over. Automating a home is never an easy task but we are willing to undertake this challenge in the name of safety. Between wanting to monitor our dog during the day and not […]