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Explosions? (Formerly known as My beef with Samsung)

We made the decision to buy many of the home appliance Samsung products available because the brand was up and coming, had cool gadgets and add ons, and was reasonably priced at our local Home Depot and Costco. Although there had been incidents of equipment malfunctions and recalls the deals were too good to pass up. Most products on the list had already been repaired when we got them so it was no big deal. The risk factor was low, or so we thought, until our microwave caught fire and expired in a puff of smoke. Upon further review of the model it seemed it had a 1 in 4 chance/review of it blowing up and burning down the house. That is not a laughing matter.

Samsung’s warrany policy is very black amd white. They will reimburse you for the losses and the cost of the equipment provided you have a receipt and proof of installation. If you bought your unit with a new home you will need an invoice from the builder showing they installed it or worse, they may need to file the complaint with Samsung because they are the original owner and these warranties can be non transferable. All I know is my microwave tried to kill me and the manufacturer won’t even come take it off the wall for us. They want us to pay to remove their faulty unit, be home when they come pick it up at their convenience and then some! Ugh. Not cool.

Brushing this off was not possible because this is not the first dust off we’ve had with the company. Exhibits A: When they delivered the washer, the guy had to scrap it because it had dents and marks. They can’t check it before they deliver it and they don’t carry a spare unit; you must wait whatever it takes to get the replacement or accept a reinbursement of the original cost. Exhibit B: The door to our 4500k fridge was dented in transit. The installer noticed it after the fridge was inside its cubby. He quickly ordered the new part but we had to wait TWO months to get it replaced. Exhibit C: The dryer managed to arrive unscathed and had 0 issues, bless her soul, but they forgot to charge us or bring, we still don’t now, the hose connection for the steam function. Enough consistency to realize, without a doubt, that these people can’t be trusted or have a big quality system issue. I rest my case, your honor. I’ll let the court of public opinion decide this one. Would not surprise me if this keeps happening to them or me with the currently operational appliances. Lame.

I’m still in shock because I was expecting less drama and more action. Should have known that the company facing recalls for exploding and firecatching appliances and phones was having an endemic problem. Their expansion plans got greedy and it is costing consumers great pain and suffering. Even John Oliver in this video jokes about Samsung products going up in flames. It hasn’t gone unnoticed at the national and Consumer Affairs levels. Caveat emptor: buyer beware. You should stay away from Samsung for a few more months and even maybe a year or two. They need to get their ducks in a row if they expect me to quit badmouthing them and trusting them again. Safety hazards are a serious concern and it baffles me that a recall hasn’t been initiated for the ME21H706MQS models. Corporate greed at it again.

Purchase at your own risk.

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