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Skipping Meat Challenge: Week One Summary

Trying to stop eating meat cold turkey is not too difficult if you like veggies and legumes like me but I do forget from time to time that I can’t have charcuterie or salami. Hehe. Seeing others near meat while I am around hasn’t given me any cravings. In a way it is true what they say, once you stop eating certain unhealthy foods you don’t want them anymore. The extra dose of fat, sugar and salt no longer bringing you back to that which doesn’t serve you.

Researching vegetarianism and veganism validated one of my concerns: You can be a fat vegan/vegetarian. I’m watching the scale closely to make sure the pounds don’t accumulate. Happy to report that the pounds are actually dropping slowly. It is possible that some of the substitutions I have made were still of high caloric value so the weight loss can take a while longer. As the adjustments continue, the benefits will surely add up. For now, the fact that I have a bit more energy and less bloating is good enough proof to continue the approach and document results. A few more weeks should show progress in a more scientific way.

Let’s see how it goes. 🙂

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