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Big Book Sale by Friends of The Seattle Library

With prices ranging from $1 to $4 based on the type of book or media selected you cannot go wrong visiting the Exhibition Hall at the Seattle Center to secure rare finds. They have graphic novels, movies in DVD, audiobooks, old and rare collections, and even never used or lightly used books! Thanks to social media and nerdy patrons, the event was a success. There were so many patrons they had to close the doors and form a queue just so they could process sales faster.

I wss impressed with the selection and quality of the used items. As part of the library’s collection and/or consignment, the offerings were endless. For example, they had Books for early 1900s, The Office BBC series and vinyl. Paying with cash or credit was a breeze as they have many tellers to charge you after thr table volunteers count your loot and tally up the check. I got 10 books for $20. All brand spanking new and from this decade. 🙂

Running Friday to Sunday, take advantage of this sale. It is a book lover’s paradise.


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