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Garage Makeover DIY

This DIY was interrupted by my mother’s brain cancer diagnosis and convalescence. I’m doing my best to call it good; I kept postponing finishing it as if that would mean our journey wasn’t real. I’m proud of how it turned out. Enjoy! When I was around 4 years old, my grandpa designed his own storage […]

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Lessons From The Laundry Pile

I must have been around three years old when my mother decided to enlist me for sock folding duty. It was a task she took very seriously because protecting your feet from the dangers of humidity and water accumulation inside military boot had been her worst enemy as she went up through the ranks. Maybe […]

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Big Book Sale by Friends of The Seattle Library

With prices ranging from $1 to $4 based on the type of book or media selected you cannot go wrong visiting the Exhibition Hall at the Seattle Center to secure rare finds. They have graphic novels, movies in DVD, audiobooks, old and rare collections, and even never used or lightly used books! Thanks to social […]

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DIY Master Bedroom Closet For Less than $500!

Château Enginerd became ours a few weeks ago but it wasn’t truly move in ready. The to do list for the builder was 20 articles long and it is still being worked on. Because I thought it would be a good project, we asked that the master bedroom closet be left pristine so we could […]

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How To Soundproof Your Home: New Dog Owner 101

My puppy Zach has been jumping up on the window ledge and barking at everything he sees. Because this is his job, to scare possible intruders away, it is my guilty pleasure to indulge him. He wasn’t getting hurt nor hoarse which are the primary tell tale signs he is excessively barking. However, based on […]