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My Beef With DIY Projects

Creating stuff requires a lot of effort and commitment, not to mention cash on hand and equipment. Many people are led to believe that doing it yourself saves money or that a DIY project should be inexpensive because you are, after all, only paying for the materials required. You’d think that this wouldn’t apply to smaller projects or ideas but if you don’t problem own a glue gun or have a dollar store in your neighborhood it can cost you more to put together that chalkboard jar than to get one from the sales rack at HomeGoods.

For bigger projects, like installing a pergola or chaging out windows, your county or city may require permits and inspections to do the work. In my hometown there are things we can’t legally do unless we acquire a general contractor’s licence. Even my builder had to hire out some of the work per code and local union agreements. You can get a hefty fine for not following protocol from both the government and your HOA. This can add thousands of dollars to your project. THOUSANDS. Not to mention that a licensed and bonded contractor has to offer warranties and protections by law to ensure the project is bonafide, safe and will not fail or cause injury or harm.

Many people get unto DIYing because it can help them save money but the reality is that unless you are a professional or have all the tools required for a job it can actually cost you more long term. Yes you can rent tools but they ain’t cheap! You’d be surprised how many $15 solutions from 4 years ago now cost $25 or more making it a no go even though it sounded good going in. Many IKEA hacks cost hundreds now to pull off because of changes in offerings and materials. Don’t forget that your time is valuable too and hiring someone else to do the job or purchasing already made products may be more cost effective for your particular situation since it lowers your risk of being injured and lose work time. Inexperience is very costly although learning is priceless. Weigh your options wisely.

Anyone can get into DIY and I will always recommend simple projects as a way to keep busy or introduce children to basic craftsmanship and home repairs. However be very careful and cautious using the appropriate personal protective equipment. Follow instructions and research techniques before testing them out. Practice makes perfect so don’t expect your homemade items to be of the same quality and look as those made by the pros. HGTV prowess takes years to develop and many more to master.

Have fun creating!

By MrsEnginerd

Engineer, DIY enthusiast, world traveler, avid reader, pitbull owner, and nerd whisperer. 😎🤓😘🐶

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