#Adulting Sucks: What now?

Most of my time is spent talking about, writing or listening to my peeps about the pitfalls and peaks of adulting. My conclusion: We are all in a collective slump. Yes, there are some cool things happening - kids, weddings, promotions, per adoptions, vacations - but the underlying feeling is that society's expectations aren't meeting... Continue Reading →

My Beef With DIY Projects

Creating stuff requires a lot of effort and commitment, not to mention cash on hand and equipment. Many people are led to believe that doing it yourself saves money or that a DIY project should be inexpensive because you are, after all, only paying for the materials required. You'd think that this wouldn't apply to... Continue Reading →

Laws Were Meant To Be Broken

There is something to be said about the way laws are enacted and enforced in the United States. In theory, regulations are passed to protect the unalienable rights the constitution and Bill of Rights grant citizens. From protecting the constituents' lives to enacting social reform, legislation ensures that we all agree on the value of... Continue Reading →

Keep Nerd Weird

In many ways we nerds are a different breed. The stereotype alone doesn't work to our favor either. From strange hobbies to our devotion for science fiction and fantasy, our likes and dislikes are not understood by the average Muggle. When most argue about who wore it best, we argue about the coolest captain of... Continue Reading →

A Strong Woman Doesn’t Need To Be Handled

"I can handle a strong woman." That's the hardest statement to dissect as a female because it implies that strong women must be handled. Handled by definition means to manage, feel or manipulate with the hands. An assertive, focused and driven individual is not something you want to manage or manipulate with the hands. In... Continue Reading →

May the 4th Be With You!

On May 25th, 1977, George Lucas unveiled to the masses his most prized possession: The Star Wars Universe. Thousands did lines around the movie theaters' blocks to witness the onscreen magic and special effects that made this franchise a cult classic and part of Americana. It was the first movie to forgo rolling opening credits,... Continue Reading →

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