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A Strong Woman Doesn’t Need To Be Handled

“I can handle a strong woman.” That’s the hardest statement to dissect as a female because it implies that strong women must be handled. Handled by definition means to manage, feel or manipulate with the hands. An assertive, focused and driven individual is not something you want to manage or manipulate with the hands. In […]

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Unconscious Gender Bias: How To Quickly Mess Up A Conversation With a Proud Unconventional Woman

Every time I tell a man we are buying a new home with a three car garage, they ask me if my husband is excited about the extra space for his tools and toys. Grrr. You should see the smirk leave their faces after I clarify that the garage is actually for my tools and […]

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Women in Gaming: They Do Exist!

The statistical data was taken from the 2015 ESA and 2014 IGDA market research studies sponsored by these organizations. When relevant, the data has been copied from the reports and included. Credits and rights to the graphics belong to the ESA and IGDA. My friend Professor GWSS booked me to teach a class about gender […]