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You Can Disagree With an Opinion and Be Wrong

I’ve spent the entirety of my life on this planet educating myself, and being educated by my peers and family, about every single subject that crossed our paths. Great care was taken by my elders to discuss any issue -past, present and future – that was deemed important and necessary to have a vetted view […]

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Make Your Wedding Day Yours

Recently, I noticed wedding sizes have shrunk. Between people canceling last minute and costs to fly “back home” becomimg prohibitive, many have to err on the side of caution and stick with a budget rather than with guest counts. Also, and in my opinion, not a lot of people are 100% looking forward to spending […]

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It’s All Relative

Time. Riches. Joy. Sadness. Respect. Privilege. Equality. They are all relative. Why? These concepts are all man made constructs  (yes, I blame man for these) to quantify and qualify the way we live our lives inside the societies we have created. Every culture has its own way of measuring these constructs. That’s where most of […]

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Fake It Until You Make It

When I was packing my bags for my recent business trip (see London Calling), I realized I needed to buy sensible work shoes. As an instructor, you spend a lot of time on your feet walking around the training room to help people navigate their computer screens and simulation instructions. Because of the casual dress […]