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PTSD Doesn’t Discriminate: Anyone Can Develop It

I’ve gotten some smart ass clap backs from people assuming that a middle class person of means cannot and should not develop or have post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) so I felt the need to set the record straight. Fifty percent of people in the USA will experience first hand trauma, with women more likely […]

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The Pink Tax

One of my friends used this phrase recently and I was flabbergasted by its accuracy. The Pink Tax is a term she uses to describe how much more expensive and item was just because it was pink when compared to traditional kinder colors or boy standard toys. Although our family is a firm believer that […]

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Folks, Millennials Already Are the Leaders of Today!

During the presidential and general elections, the media made a stink about the Millennials. They went from crybabies (due to not letting go of Bernie Sanders’s loss) to slackers that didn’t go out to the polls to vote. It seems the adults in the room can’t stop complaining about, and have borderline bullied, an entire […]