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The Pink Tax

One of my friends used this phrase recently and I was flabbergasted by its accuracy. The Pink Tax is a term she uses to describe how much more expensive and item was just because it was pink when compared to traditional kinder colors or boy standard toys. Although our family is a firm believer that […]

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10 Tricks To Get Your Dog To Sleep Better At Night

My 2 year old puppy Zach wasn’t sleeping through the night after we decided to ween him off sleeping with us. At 65 lbs of pure lean muscle, his doggy nightmares were resulting in bruises and scratches that couldn’t be avoided as long as he shared our king sized bed. He didn’t like sleeping in […]

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My First Role Model: She-Ra, Princess of Power

My mom can attest to the fact that I had every possible item of the She-Ra collection. She was my favorite Princess, right before Allura and after Aurora, aka Sleeping Beauty. My devotion to her and to He-Man was so spectacular and all consuming that to this day, I win trivia games because I know […]