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I’m Here for The Groom (A Poem)

I’m here for the man who helped me with my thermodynamic’s homework, For the dude that told my ex to back off when I left him for my now husband, For the Starcraft nerd that let me create a Space Marine fleet when the guys in the room doubted my “strategery”. I’m here for the dude […]

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The Pink Tax

One of my friends used this phrase recently and I was flabbergasted by its accuracy. The Pink Tax is a term she uses to describe how much more expensive and item was just because it was pink when compared to traditional kinder colors or boy standard toys. Although our family is a firm believer that […]

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Stranger Things: 80s Sci-Fi Meets Netflix

When I started to watch Stranger Things I thought to myself: “What will future generations think about and 80s looking show filmed for release in 2016?”. It was so well produced that the 1980s items, dress and slang had me believe it was an actual 80s series. If I hadn’t grown up seeing Mathew Modine […]