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I remember when… (A Poem dedicated to the 80s)

I remember when NASCAR didn’t have Truck Races, Dale Earnhardt was still Intimidating, Jeff Gordon had Rainbow Warriors, And Jimmy Johnson had no championships. I remember when dial up modem tones were a sign of opulence and progress, When printers were dot matrix And 3 1/2″ floppy disks were new. When people had to use […]

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Stranger Things: 80s Sci-Fi Meets Netflix

When I started to watch Stranger Things I thought to myself: “What will future generations think about and 80s looking show filmed for release in 2016?”. It was so well produced that the 1980s items, dress and slang had me believe it was an actual 80s series. If I hadn’t grown up seeing Mathew Modine […]

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The Goldbergs  (ABC)

This family from the 80s took Wednesdays by storm when producer Adam Goldberg molded the main characters after his very own. Using pop culture references that span movies to historical events, this Jewish clan gets into all kinds of trouble. For anyone raised during this decade, the show captures what it was like to grow […]

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A Nerd By Any Other Name Wouldn’t Smell As Sweet…

I am a nerd. I was born in the early 80s and raised on Atari and National Geographic’s World magazine. I am the bridge between Generation X and the Millennials, not quite fitting in both sharing characteristics of both. I was brought into a world at war with drugs, the Russians and the Middle East; […]