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The Goldbergs  (ABC)

This family from the 80s took Wednesdays by storm when producer Adam Goldberg molded the main characters after his very own. Using pop culture references that span movies to historical events, this Jewish clan gets into all kinds of trouble. For anyone raised during this decade, the show captures what it was like to grow up during the Reagan administration years, the cold war and during the STEM boom. The actors make a stellar effort to ensure we laugh at their antics and reminisce about the good old days. On top of this the gimmicks of bleeping out at least a curse phrase per week keeps you guessing who will get the honor during the episode and what they may have said.


Mom Beverly is the quintessential helicopter parent, wreaking havoc at her schmoopies’ school even when her kids don’t want her to intervene in their academic and personal lives. Dad Murray is the traditional hard working stoic figure that avoids dealing with emotional situations and enjoys calling his offspring morons. Grandpa acts as Adam’s best friend and confidante, a hit with the ladies and a source of unconditional love for the crew. The three siblings are constantly evolving so Erica, Barry and Adam are not worth spoiling but let’s just say their antics are all recorded on VHS and played out throughout the seasons. You will fall in love with their alter egos, especially Big Tasty’s.

The Goldbergs are on at 8:00pm on ABC.

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