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Moving on Up! – Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Turns out that the inspection showed that the roof of Maison Enginerd needs to be replaced due to defective material. The shingles, made by CertainTeed, have visible granule loss and deterioration not common to ten year old roofs. So, what gives? A check of the internet confirmed our worst suspicions: the material was manufactured incorrectly and there is even a few lawsuits pending due to warranty issues.

The buyer’s realtor is well connected and found a roofer that is very familiar with the warranty company processes and can get us the best possible outcome. The labor may be out of pocket though so we are movig cash around to get there. The buyers seem nice so I am going to play ball and see what happens. This cuts into our profits by a couple of thousands so we are a bit angry and frustrated with the situation. We bought the house new from Pacific Ridge Homes in 2006. This should not be happening, not now, but if it works out they get a new roof and we get to move on.

Considering we already have plans to pack and occupy our new home as soon as possible, we decided not to delay on the roof plan. There is a chance we may be able to do so prior to the Oct 27th date, way before this last loan rate lock expires. I need the Maison off my credit so I can move on to other projects. I also want to avoid paying three mortgages at once. Daunting and exhausting are the two words that best describe this ordeal. The lessons have been awesome and pricelss even with all these last minute changes. It has sold. It will close. Woozaa.

If you can, please extend any kind of assistance you are willing to offer throughout the process. Be it helping us move, cash or taking on decoration projects, we will need all the courage and hands we can muster to get everything done. I need help, and I am not afraid to ask for it. At the end it would have taken a small villlage and I know my peeps will come and help us.

Driver…move that bus!

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