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Conviction (ABC)

Agent Carter was cancelled to give Haley Atwell a chance to star in ABC’s new show Conviction. Playing Hayes Morrison, the daughter of very powerful politicians, is recruited to lead the Conviction Integrity Unit in New York City as a means to beat a drug possesion and distribution charge. From the moment she is on screen tou know this character is up to no good and has to learn to grow up fast to redeem herself. Classic brat mischief ensues and by the end of the pilot you begin to wonder if this new series can make it if it keeps this premise alive. An ex first daughter should be a bit more polished and put together but they went with a Ryan Lochte kinda vibe that is the antithesis of what Agent Carter stoof for. However Atwell delivers in a way that makes you want the show to succeed.


The CIU has 5 days for this first case in which they must prove a young black man did not kill a young Latina while they were both in high school. The supporting cast is brilliant and deliver performances that nail the anger and anxiety of the lawyers that work night and day to clear the wrongfully incarcerated. In a move to prove the accused and convicted are human and deserve justice, in cases of mistaken identity or ineffective counsel, the team will push through as many case investigations as they possibly can but must veto each opportunity wisely. Five days can set someone free or keep an innocent person in jail indefinitely.

Watch Conviction on Mondays at 9pm.

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