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Notorious (ABC)

Piper Perabo stars as Julia George, the ace news producer that is always one step ahead of the game. Using the Louise Herrick Live show as her main platform for breaking news, her personal and professional lives intertwine in what became the opportunity of a lifetime. Jake Gregorian played by Daniel Sunjata is her lawyer friend that is always conveniently in the thick of all the drama. This will they or won’t they series has substance and tugs at your heart and intrigue strings like Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder. It has everything Conviction lacks…and delivers above and beyond expectations.

The show used the case of Oscar and Sarah Keaton, a facebook like tech mogul couple, as the background to showcase how the network and show premise runs. Between the secrets, lies and dark pasts, the recurring characters are introduced and the tone is set to figure out when each journalistic piece will go awry. Nothing is what it seems in this world and the viewer will be shocked with all the twists and turns. A refreshing take on reporting the truth and bringing the culprits to justice.

Watch Notorious on ABC, Thursdays 9pm. Enjoy!

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