“At least you have a house…”

Please. I beg y'all. Don't confuse my complaints about the "list of items that still need to be taken care of by the builder" with ungratefulness. Telling anyone in my family that "at least you have a home" minimizes the entire ordeal and what is left of it. The fact that all these open items... Continue Reading →

Moving on Up! – Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Turns out that the inspection showed that the roof of Maison Enginerd needs to be replaced due to defective material. The shingles, made by CertainTeed, have visible granule loss and deterioration not common to ten year old roofs. So, what gives? A check of the internet confirmed our worst suspicions: the material was manufactured incorrectly... Continue Reading →

Moving on Up! Update

We thought that the new house would be ready by September 19th, moved from the original September 9th date and boy were we wrong! Our local utility district is taking its sweet time to come and hook up the water and power. At least we get our very own transformer! (Must be the AC load... Continue Reading →

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