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Moving on up! Chateau Enginerd coming September 2016!

There is so much promise in moving and starting over in a new home that it would be hard to contain it all in one page. The apprehension alone of having to pack boxes and not forgetting that you moved when coming back from the office is a welcomed change. However, I am taking the time to write about our story because it bothers me that my friends, or perfect strangers for that matter, react by telling us that we don’t need to move because we don’t need more space. As if our family’s needs had to meet some unwritten standard that related to the square footage of our home. Celebrities usually buy extravagant places and no one blinks an eye or questions why one star needs so much space. I say I want 500 more sq. ft. and people riot. Having kids has nothing to do with needing or requiring more space. I grew up in a small apartment in a bigger complex that had two little park areas and only one inside parking spot. My mom and sister lived with me and we never felt we needed more space. We just made do. Now by herself, my mother still lives there. It worked for her and she never needed more space. I do.

“Why do you need a bigger house? Your house is big enough for just the two of you.”

This is by far the most annoying question and follow up you can use when addressing a double income, no kids household. First, you are asking for a justification which they are not required to give you. Second, jealous much? Regardless of your opinion of someone’s lifestyle choices, when your friends communicate their plans you are not allowed to question it. It is not only very unbecoming but rude and judgmental. If they want a bigger house, so be it. There is no reason to complain or challenge their decision. Be happy for them and move on. – Be happy for me! For me, the person who was happy about your wedding, baby showers, kids, promotions, life changes and yes, your own huge home!!

Bitter much? I know. I’d like to think people are jealous of our buying power but having seen the homes of some of my peeps, we are not even close to be envy worthy. I don’t think the opinionated masses understand that wanting more than this provincial life is in fact part of the American Dream. Why question us moving on up? Why should your say sway our position? I am not going to feel bad about upgrading to a bigger space, why should anyone? We already know children are a ways out or would need to be pre-ordered at a lab (invitro) so we opted to move, start over and spend our cash on travel instead. Feel free to RSVP no to our housewarming party if you think this way because there is no way in heck that I am letting you enjoy the fruit of my labors when you obviously don’t want me to because I don’t have children. Ugh!

Up until today, we were in the middle of the house hunting woes, the part where you make an offer and wait to get it approved, and if it rejected you counter or move on to the next home. After months of looking at places, we settled on a contemporary craftsman right in the area where we live and we got it! Waiting for the counter offer was one of the most nerve wracking hours of our lives. Having gone through many iterations in other homes before, having to withdraw offer, and coming close to cashing in one of our 401ks, we are relieved that we secured our own piece of heaven.

Cashing out your 401k? Sure, why not! This is the house of your dreams and you must have it, now! Wait a minute though, there’s a penalty for early withdrawals and taxes if you are under 59.5 years of age. GRR! Maybe you can borrow against the 401k? – Me

I am glad the cycle has ended and that the property that, hands down, was destined to be Chateau Enginerd, is locked in to us. This newly erected 2,500 sq. ft. home on a 9600 sq. ft. lot is a dream come true, and although it is not the 3,000 sq. ft. palace I thought I needed, it has a three car garage which is like adding 200 sq. ft. of living space on my book. It has a den that is destined to be a library, a room with a reading nook upstairs, and two entertainment areas, one inside and one outside! With gas appliances and AC, we are already dreaming of dinner parties and video game marathons. The best part is figuring out how to enjoy our humongous backyard in style. I may have to beg for an above ground pool during the summer, as long as it doesn’t constrain the fetch grounds. Zach won’t allow it any other way. All of this promise my friends is totally tubular.

If you are lucky enough to ever hang out with us or manage to talk to us about our lifestyle choices, please keep any reservations to yourself, unless you are a qualified professional. Why? I am not asking you for permission to live my life nor should you feel entitled to assume you have control over my thoughts and decisions. My mother couldn’t stop me once I got an idea in my head, neither will you. It exasperates my husband because he does care about what other people think, mostly to find fault with what I design for our future, but that is another post and another story. (He moved a lot as a child and he doesn’t want to sell our current home. I warned him 10 years ago that we were moving…guess he was having too much fun that he didn’t realize how time flew by.) All I know is that we are moving, and short of an act of God, I am already making it our home. Yay!

The possibilities are endless with this new beginning. 😀 BBQ dreams and champagne wishes for everybody!

By MrsEnginerd

Engineer, DIY enthusiast, world traveler, avid reader, pitbull owner, and nerd whisperer. 😎🤓😘🐶

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