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Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman

To my utter disbelief, Rebirth will not include Sensation Comics, a compilation of Wonder Woman short stories. From encounters with Cheetah to tales of love and war, this offshoot covered alternate story arcs for our favorite Amazonian heroine, unrelated to her main title series. It was full of color, innovation and diverse writer/artist content; a true celebration of women and the influence they can have on the world and each other. I think it was one of the best reading experiences I have had reading comic books. It’s that good!

The many versions of Diana portrayed in the series serves to inspire an entire generation of girls to be strong and confident in their abilities. She helped female athletes prove they belonged in the competitive world, and made sure little girls weren’t bullied or put down because they were seen as weak or different. She befriends many foes and works with them to achieve the greater good. On one of the latter installments she helps her mortal enemy, Cheetah, to beat a life threatening condition. Her compassion is legendary and the center of many of the narratives. A woman’s strength is in her character and Diana never disappoints in this respect.

If you have the opportunity, grab one of the issues and experience Wonder Woman in a whole new light. There is a version for everyone, including young boys and adult men. The writers went through great lengths to include many examples of the female condition, and many physical and spiritual versions of the superhero, focusing on those issues where men could help us continue to further the cause of feminism and human rights. The knowledge shared on this subjects was subtle yet sublime. It is better read than explained, and even my husband agrees it is one of the best New 52 series out there. Excellent starter pack for the young daughters or sons in your life interested in comics. They will learn about life and justice in a way that is neither crude nor cruel.


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