“Children. I work with children” – Wonder Woman, Justice League

Wonder Woman's success changed the big screen narrative pushing the superhero needle in the right direction. The movie's record breaking box office popularity forced DC to make Diana the strongest leader the Justice League has ever seen. She is proof that the future is women. DC's success depends on the WB executives' understanding that female... Continue Reading →

Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman

To my utter disbelief, Rebirth will not include Sensation Comics, a compilation of Wonder Woman short stories. From encounters with Cheetah to tales of love and war, this offshoot covered alternate story arcs for our favorite Amazonian heroine, unrelated to her main title series. It was full of color, innovation and diverse writer/artist content; a... Continue Reading →

The Legend of Wonder Woman

When the New 52 was up, DC decided to gift me with an - online 23 chapter and print 9 part - alternate origin story of Wonder Woman which they aptly called Legend of Wonder Woman. The intent, as I saw it, was to allow a woman writer and artist take a stab at the... Continue Reading →

Batman v Superman Explained

For a comic book reader and Batman/Wonder Woman fan like myself, the new Zack Snyder film didn't suck as much as people and critics claim. To give credit where credit is due, the movie functions as an ode to the many works of Frank Miller intertwined with popular DC Comics lore. From Flashpoint to Infinite... Continue Reading →

The Secret History of Wonder Woman

As an avid reader of DC Comics, Wonder Woman became my favorite super hero, and as the most successful woman in comic book history, I was surprised to learn very few books were available on the subject of her genesis and rise to popularity. To me, it was no secret that Wonder Woman was a... Continue Reading →

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