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The Legend of Wonder Woman

When the New 52 was up, DC decided to gift me with an – online 23 chapter and print 9 part – alternate origin story of Wonder Woman which they aptly called Legend of Wonder Woman. The intent, as I saw it, was to allow a woman writer and artist take a stab at the story that had suffered at the hands of the Finches. Lo and behold, Renae De Liz delivered with a gloriously penciled account of how Diana came to be, going back to her 1932 roots and redefining her personality and journey of self discovery.

In this version, our Princess is back to being born out of clay but her mother, the Queen, has skeletons in her closet that are revisited on her progeny. Diana trains under the tutelage of one of the best Amazon warriors, and learns how to defend her mortal form. By chance, she uncovers a plot to dethrone her mother, meeting once more with Steve Trevor, the reason she has left Thermiscyra so many times before. Yet, on this occasion, she does so not because she fell in love but rather to ensure his safe departure from a discord torn island of the gods. As their champion, the Gods embark her on a journey to save her Amazonian tribe and to discover what she is made of. Strong, beautiful and kind, Diana is let loose on a world that is not only new to her but is full of challenges, one of which is learning how to read English. It’s all Greek to her! Ha!

It took me way too long to realize that Wonder Woman is a foreign warrior princess. Even though she is dressed in the Stars and Stripes, she is an immigrant. It is bittersweet to know that for a female superhero to exist, and portray the qualities of what is now a modern woman, she couldn’t be “American”, much less of the times. Thi is why I like this version the best because Diana is always one step ahead, never oppressed or marginalized, totally in control of her identity. Her fight for truth and justice neverending; peace is her goal, even when she is the most capable and strong soldier. She is the best of both genders, the perfect human: bold, intelligent, kind and brazen. Nothing can stand in the way of protecting her family and friends and she can kick ass and take names even better than Batman and Superman combined.

I enjoyed following Diana from birth all the way to the day she fulfilled her duties as Queen of the Amazons. Hypolita must be proud of her daughter, who shatters the glass ceiling imposed by the Gods and her mortal condition. Although Rebirth shows promise and a one shot graphic novel is in the horizon, I wish more women were given a chance to write stories using Diana’s voice, fulfilling the intent of her creator Dr William Moulton Marston to remind us that the ladies have brawn too, and that together we can rule over a prosperous world. We don’t need a man to tell us what to feel or what to do, and in the end, it is mankind that needs us the most. What would guys do without their Wonder Women? 🙂

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