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“Children. I work with children” – Wonder Woman, Justice League

Wonder Woman’s success changed the big screen narrative pushing the superhero needle in the right direction. The movie’s record breaking box office popularity forced DC to make Diana the strongest leader the Justice League has ever seen. She is proof that the future is women. DC’s success depends on the WB executives’ understanding that female leads is the only force that can stop Marvel’s success. Joss Whedon made the superfriends likeable without using humor as a crutch – a necessary Marvel-esque imitation requires to counter the pretentious nature of DC’s serious stories.

Justice League, as a Snyder film, did not do it for me. If it hadn’t been for the Hall H experience and meeting Jason Momoa at my local comic con, I wouldn’t have been as excited to see Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg and Batman on the big screen. The movie, to quote Peter Griffin, insists upon itself. The CGI alone was horrendous, and if it wasn’t for the aloof jokes and Barry Allen’s glorious gestures and one liners, I would have walked away disappointed. You cannot deny that the actors had chemistry and truly loved and respected each other because it shows on the screen. (Except for Superman who is dead and buried which kept him away from most of the filming and the team bonding exercises. 😢😭)


This respect and love is what makes the Justice League movie special. Diana, Bruce, Barry, Arthur and Victor are all looking to belong, to find their place in the world; to become part of a family. This is why the script allowed space to relate to the alter egos, the humans behind the mask, without sidestepping the action or uncertainty of Clark’s/Superman’s return. It may not have been perfect for the “true” DC fans, those expecting a more mature and stoic Batman or a cameo of the Joker and the Suicide Squad, but it is good enough for the rest of us mortals. Clocking at around two hours, the film made an excellent job of selling us the concept avoiding the pitfalls that befell Batman v Superman. (For the record, the only good thing about that movie was Wonder Woman.)

Batfleck is growing on me because he is more Batman Beyond than The Animated Series. Judging by the dialogue, we may finally get to see Terry McGinnis take the mantle or at least be introduced to Nightwing! If you have no clue what this means, don’t dispair. DC aims to please is its faithful readers and followers so a lot of the Easter Eggs and character speculation is fed to us without detracting from the moviegoer experience. Make sure you stay until the end of the credits. 🤓 Can’t wait for #2!

I’m proud of DC for making viewer excited to see a lighter, softer side of the Justice League. The marketing paid off and we eneded up with a product that mimics The Avengers, but in a DC way. It gave me hope for the future of this franchise. We all matter and together our contributions to society and this world can make a difference. Together we are stronger. Life is broody and dark enough as it is; no one wants to go through life without laughing at themselves once in a while.


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